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2013 Alaska Autocross Series

Know of an upcoming meet or wanna throw one together? This here's the joint.

2013 Alaska Autocross Series

Postby manda » Thu May 02, 2013 7:48 pm


04-28-13 Alaska Raceway Park (SZM/TZR-1)
05-05-13 Bartlett High School (PCA)
06-02-13 Bartlett High School (SZM/TZR-1)
06-09-13 Bartlett High School (PCA)
07-07-13 Bartlett High School (SZM/TZR-1)
07-14-13 Bartlett High School (PCA)
08-11-13 Bartlett High School (PCA)
08-18-13 Alaska Raceway Park (SZM/TZR-1)
09-08-13 Bartlett High School (PCA)
09-15-13 Alaska Raceway Park (SZM/TZR-1)

Groups Involved
SubZero Motorsports
Team ZR-1
PCA/AK Region
Anchorage Alaska Sports Car Lions Club (supporting series for 2013)

Series Results
Results will be posted to the SubZero Motorsports website: ... ocross.php

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